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For the last few years, vaping has been well known, with vape mods, sub-ohm atomizers, and giant clouds all been the rage. Lately, pod mods have become a lot more popular, but many people still don’t know the difference between pod mods and vape mods, so make yourself a brew, and fire up a vape. We’re about to dig deeper into what makes pod mods great.

The design of most pod mods make them lightweight and easy to carry around. Since they are designed to be easy to use, they are great for people just starting out in vaping, and due to the fact that pods are designed to be used with nic salts, which delivers a much higher concentration of nicotine, they are great for people just starting their journey of becoming cigarette free.

Pods are also known to give a better throat hit than standard vapes, that combined with the concentrated hit of nicotine delivered through the nic salts, will have even the most hardened of smokers reaching for a vape instead.

Below I have compiled a short list of pros and cons I have found, please feel free to comment in the forum if you have any more to add to the list.


  • Compact design: most pod vapes are smaller than other vapes on the market. Thanks to the design, it doesn’t require much space to carry it.
  • Easy to use:pod vapes have an intuitive design that allows users to smoke without making much effort.
  • Cost:one of the benefits is that pod mods use less e-liquid per day, so it’s cost-effective, and the devices themselves are relatively cheap in comparison to regular vape mods.
  • Throat hit: the powerful throat hit, and the concentrated nicotine in the salts will tame the cravings for even the heaviest of smokers.


  • Low battery life:the battery capacity hints at how long your vape can last before needing recharging. And when it comes to pod vapes, the batteries have capacities of around 650 mAh while box mods tend to have 1500-3000 mAh. The bottom line? Get ready to charge your pod vape more often.
  • Limited flavour choices: one of the reasons for using vapes is a possibility to enjoy flavoured ‘vape juice’. However, if you want to buy a vape pod mod, you should know that the variety of flavour choices is limited. Unless you use a refillable pod mod that is, as nic salt flavours list are ever expanding
  • Less vapour:pod vapes don’t produce much vapour, so it’s not the best choice if you value vapour production and clouds.

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