Life on the Front Line – Day 1 of isolation

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Hi folks. Well it’s a scary world we’re living in at the moment. Things are difficult when most of us are only one or two wages away from being on the streets, and as much as we don’t want to think about these things, the COVID-19 virus has brought these thoughts to the forefront of many peoples minds.

Here’s my situation. I am a single mum with three kids at home, ranging from 3-16 years old. I have a day job in a call centre, this position is self-employed. I bill the company for my time and the commission owed. The company have a complicated retention rule that means I always have to have five days owed as a week in hand.

This morning, I have had to isolate my household due to my two youngest children having a cough. Government rules are now stating that anyone with someone in the home showing one of the two symptoms (cough, high temp) must isolate for two weeks.

I have lots of questions that nobody seems to be able to answer. My nursery fees cost £135 a week, even though my child isn’t attending nursery. I still have to pay. How do I pay that without a wage? I have rent, and bills to pay, just as everybody else does, and due to the retention policy at work, I am unsure if I will even be paid what is owed until I have gone back to work and earned my retention back.

Due to the nature of the business (arranging face to face meetings with reps and clients) I don’t even know if the business will survive my two weeks’ isolation. We had already received an email stating that an emergency meeting was taking place within management to discuss what options the business had.

I don’t have enough food in the house to remain indoors for two weeks so I will have to venture out to do some shopping, but will any food be left on the shelves? Can I afford to stock up on two weeks of food? Do I need to inform tax credits I can work for two weeks? Do I need to claim universal credit as the government has suggested people do? I just don’t know.

Please note that the vape shop is still open, and now my only source of income. Please help us small business’ keep our heads above water, and remember if you are in self isolation all your vaping needs can be delivered directly to your door. I am going to try and get advice on my situation, anyone with any insight, I am open to suggestions, please feel free to comment below and anything I learn will be shared with you all, so feel free to follow this blog and I will keep you all updated with any news or information I can find.

So here we are folks, Day one of isolation I am worried, scared and stressed, and it’s not because I’m worried we have the virus. It’s because I don’t know if we are going to finically survive this. I know there are many people in the same or similar position, and I just hope that we all manage to get through the other side. I  wish you all the best of luck, and the best of health.

Sally ShoreLife on the Front Line – Day 1 of isolation

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