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Hi guys,

Well, its day 2 of our isolation and the eldest two kids are already driving each other mad, my eldest is concerned with what will happen with his G.C.S.E’s. He has worked so hard to achieve good results and I commend his dedication, and fully understand his concerns.

My paranoia has gone into overdrive as my youngest is showing all symptoms, I’m managing so far to control his temperature with calpol, but I am worried, and wish he could be tested just so I know whether I am unnecessarily worrying over the common cold. Did I put people at risk by doing a quick supermarket shop? Even though I had no option. There were no online delivery slots available, and I couldn’t afford to go down the whole stocking up, and panic buying trend, before finding out we needed to isolate, nor did I really want to jump on that bandwagon. I don’t understand why testing isn’t being made more widely available, so we could have more accurate records of how many people are affected, and a better knowledge of how relevant our isolation is.

I have heard from my day job, only to find they are closing their doors indefinitely on Friday alongside the schools, which on the plus side it means I will get paid my retention, but it has left me in a position of now no longer having regular paid work, and that is for an indefinite period of time. Covering the bills is going to be a struggle. I’m sure there are so many people in the same position, especially now that the schools and childcare providers are closing, but at least that is saving my nursery fee’s, a glint of light in an otherwise dark day.

I am still waiting to hear what help if any is available for people in my situation. I have been obsessively watching the news, and checking my news feed hoping to learn all I can, to find out what my next steps should be, there has been a HMRC phone number given out to get information for self-employed people, but the number is constantly busy, same with the CAB. I will try again tomorrow and hope for some better luck.

Now I’m going to wash my hands, while singing happy birthday, as that seems to be the extent of the advice given, set my alarm to check my little guy every couple of hours, and hope for a better day tomorrow. So again folks, I wish you the best of luck, and the best of health.


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