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Hey everyone, for those of you who have been following my blog I would like to announce that my youngest is feeling a lot better, he still has a terrible cough, and a slight temperature, but he is much more like himself today. Something I am obviously ecstatic about, although my house is now a lot nosier and messier than it was yesterday, something that I can see being a trend over the coming weeks, and also something I’m happy about, because rather that than a poorly child.

We ae hoping the promised news on G.C.S.E’s come in tomorrow to take us out of limbo on that front.

I have waited all day with bated breath for Mr Johnson to do his press release, hoping there would be some news or help announced for people in my position, and was so disappointed with the results!

Still nothing for working class employees, all that was said “we ask businesses to stand by their employees as we will stand by you” What help is that? Thousands including myself have already been laid off!

What do we do? Claim benefits in an already faulty system?

How long will claims take if half the country is applying for benefits and half of the DWP staff isolating?

How are we all supposed to survive? Twelve weeks Mr Johnson has said until we turn a corner.

How are we supposed to survive till then?

How much debt will people acquire in a three-month period? As a single mum I can’t work until schools and childcare providers reopen.

How do I keep a roof over our heads? Even if evictions are halted for three months, how much rent arrears can you get into in twelve weeks? How many evictions will take place once the eviction ban is lifted.

These are some of the questions that I would like to put to the prime minister, as his press conferences seem to be creating more questions rather than answering them.

Universal credit will not cover my full rent and bills, I’m not sure it does for anyone.

Finally, I would like to apologise to anyone who has come here and wasn’t looking for a place to read someone’s complaints and fears. I didn’t start writing this blog to be political, or to moan on about my finance’s, I did it as I find it therapeutic to write down my fears and concerns and at the moment keeping us solvent in these uncertain times are is my biggest concern. I know there are many people in my position and have a hope that we can all be a source of information and support for each other in these tough times.

As always guys I wish you the best of luck, and the best of health.


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