PG Vs VG What’s in my E-Liquid

What exactly is in the e-liquid you’re vaping? Do you know the difference between PG and VG? Do you know how much of each is in your liquid? Have you ever been asked by your local vape shop what percentage of each you want, and not known how to answer? Are the ingredients really safe?


For the last few years, vaping has been well known, with vape mods, sub-ohm atomizers, and giant clouds all been the rage. Lately, pod mods have become a lot more popular, but many people still don’t know the difference between pod mods and vape mods, so make yourself a brew, and fire up a vape. We’re about to dig deeper into what makes pod mods great.

Hello & Welcome

Hi to all you vapers out there, and those that are thinking of using a vape, and well done for making the switch to a healthier smoking alternative. My names Sally and I live in Blackpool with my family. I have worked in the vaping industry for many years, but needed to take a break